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About TMJD

TMJD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. It’s a mouthful so we just call it TMJD for short.

TMJ diseases and disorders are a complex set of conditions that cause issues in the area of the joint and associated muscles and/or problems using the jaw. TMJ diseases and disorders can affect a person’s ability to speak, eat, chew, swallow, and even breathe.

Myofascial pain is the most common type of TMJ disorder and is caused by muscle tension and trigger points in the jaw, face, neck and shoulder muscles. This causes pain, stiffness, and limited movement in the jaw, as well as referred facial pain.

You may have been recommended expensive and painful dental surgery (which has a very limited success rate), mouthguards or splints (which can make the issue worse) or you may have just been suffering in silence, not knowing what to do about it.

Do you suffer from:


Bec Pawsey

My interest in TMJ Therapy arose from my years as a Remedial Massage Therapist and having clients present with all sorts of jaw and facial pain. Not only this, but I am a sufferer myself, having been teeth clencher for many years and developing my own TMJ problems.

As this was only touched on briefly in my studies as an RMT, I went looking for further training to not only be able to help myself but also my clients.

Thankfully I was able to find a specialist TMJ training provider who came from 20 years of dental experience, followed by a further 20

years in the massage industry. Together with combined industry knowledge of TMJ disorders, advanced training in TMJD was born.

I am so excited to be able to pass on the knowledge that I am learning, and to be able to help others, who, like me, need a solution to their jaw and facial pain! We’re in this together!

Yes, relief is possible .

There is a solution that does not require major surgery or expensive and annoying mouthguards.

The treatment is gentle, relaxing, and gets to the root cause of the problem.

It all starts with an assessment of all the soft tissues including the muscles and fascia which have an effect on the TMJ, to determine the root cause of pain and disfunction.

The treatment includes intra-oral manipulation of the soft tissues as well as extra-oral work to the head, neck and shoulders.

So am I recommending you need continuing and ongoing expensive treatments? NOT AT ALL

TMJ Therapy includes guided exercises to perform at home to improve function and reduce and even eliminate jaw pain for good!


TMJ has an added bonus

You’ll not only start to relieve your jaw and face pain but you’ll also improve your appearance.

As we age, our fascia, muscles and tissues change. The fascia becomes ridged, resulting in wrinkles. The muscles lose tone, resulting in drooping, and our collagen depletes causing a lack of suppleness.

TMJ Therapy works directly with all of these areas, lifting the muscles, smoothing the fascia, and promoting natural collagen production at the cellular level. Not to mention, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells for radiant skin and a contoured, de-puffed look.

Our Treatments

TMJ INITIAL consult + treatment

Following your initial consultation and assessment, the treatment will focus in on the areas of dysfunction to bring you relief from the source of your face and jaw pain. You will be provided with an at-home treatment plan for you to follow to enhance your healing journey.



Myofusion Facial

The MyoFusion Facial treats the source of jaw and facial pain. Incorporating a variety of facial massage techniques including lymphatic drainage, facial cupping and gua sha to reduce puffiness, fluid build up, fine lines and wrinkles.

Encompassing intra-oral soft tissue manipulation to relieve jaw and facial pain and provide a natural face-lift!

Combined with Professional, COSMOS Certified Organic, multifunctional skincare products that are luxurious, simple & purposeful.

Organic Facial

The Organic Facial is the perfect pick-me-up for your skin, using only the bes

Professional COSMO Certified Organic, multifunctional skincare products that are luxurious and purposeful.

This treatment includes an enzyme peel that will leave your skin glowing, and my facial massage technique will give you a natural facelift!

About your appointment

First, we’ll need to do an assessment so I can determine the root cause of your specific pain or disfunction.

This can either be done in the clinic or via video conference (Zoom). If attending the clinic, this will include
soft tissue manipulation via the intra-oral cavity to begin relieving symptoms immediately.

Sleep apnoea or snoring, Facial pain and pain in the upper or lower teeth, Pain in the neck,
upper back or shoulders Eye or sinus pressure, Headaches or migraines, Difficulty swallowing

Can’t make it to the clinic? No problem. 

You’ll be given specific instructions on the correct exercises and at-home treatment plan.

The Clinic

The Clinic is based within an existing, long running private home clinic in the hills overlooking the pristine waters of Moonee Beach on the Mid North Coast of NSW. You’ll follow the path through the lush tropical garden leading down to the clinic.

The moment you walk through the door, the outside world will melt away so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Rest assured, we follow the strictest Health and Hygiene protocols to ensure your treatment is completely safe and compliant with all relevant health and government guidelines.

The Clinic is welcome to all, there is no judgment, only healing, guidance, education and empowerment.

Online Help

Cant make it to the clinic? I offer an online treatment option where you will be assessed and given a comprehensive treatment plan that you can begin to implement right away to bring relief from your TMJD.

Treatment in action

Happy & Healthy Clients


Thanks so much Bec my jaw is so amazing today. No pain, clicking or headaches. I leant more yesterday in the time I was there than In 7 years of getting on and off treatment elsewhere. But I knew I would cause you are amazing. Thankyou so very much.

Simon Raines

Jenifer Turner TMJ Therapies Review

Hey lovely Bec just wanted to let you know that after my TMJ session last week my jaw clicking is gone entirely I cannot remember the last time it had no click !!!! The pain has also eased considerably and I've been doing my exercises daily. I can't wait til the next appt and am so looking forward to the day when I am entirely pain free !!! I cannot thank you enough

Jenifer Turner

Thanks Bec, I had no idea why i had teeth pain. After a visit to my dentist who said my teeth are fine and that I was probably grinding or clenching. He then recommended i see you for my pain. Amazing the way you explained everthing in simple terms and the facial work and exercise program have helped to relieve me of my immediate and ongoing pain.

Clinton Lucock